"Their evident humility is unnecassary given the quality of their songwriting."
Rock N' Reel, UK

"La Fleur Fatale live up to the sensation they are quietly causing."

"One of those essential purchases for the summer of 2008. Maybe there is a future for pop music after all."
BluesBunny.com, USA

"Some of the best music I have heard this year!"
UIC Radio, USA

"The return of Quality Music."
Dasfachblatt, Germany

"Think Opeth's most psychedelic moments, stretched even closer to the style of the late 1960's San Fransisco ambience,
add in a touch of quirkyness and finesse, and you have the band just about taped."
/Classic Rock Magazine, UK

"Is it now finally time for Sweden's music lovers to discover our best kept music secret?
Anything less than that would be pure madness."
GROOVE, Sweden

"Swedish Psych-Rockers ace their "difficult" second album."
Amerikana UK, UK

"Silent Revolution is one of those perfect records."
James Lowe, Electric Prunes, USA

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